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  • Where do I need to look in my home to fill out this survey?
    We’re looking at the stretch of pipe where it comes into the basement/house before it attaches to the water meter, if there is no water meter, then the test is somewhere within the first 18” of where it comes into the basement/house.
  • How quickly should my service line be replaced if it is lead?
    If you believe you have a lead service line, you can have your water tested and use a water filter certified to remove lead (be sure NSF/ANSI 53 is included on the packaging for proper certification to meet standards in removing lead) until the line is replaced. Contact your water provider for more information about testing your water and replacement.
  • Where do I look for my water service pipe?
    The Customer Survey will walk you through this very question. The below image is also useful. Water customers should be checking their service pipe in the first 18 inches where it enters the home or business. This is generally in a basement, a crawl space, and/or in a utility room.
  • Who is responsible if internal plumbing or fixtures inside my home are lead?
    This is not currently part of the inventory. However, if you have lead inside your home or building, it is the responsibility of the owner.
  • What is the water service line and who owns it?
    Service lines carry water into your home from the water system’s water pipe. The service line in its entirety, from the street to the building or home, is generally considered private (owned by the water customer) since its sole purpose is the convey potable water to a single dwelling, business or building. Often the portion of the pipe within the right-of-way or from the property line/easement is maintained by the water system. The diagram is an example of a standard water service line. Each water system has its own setup and therefore contact your water system to verify the actual location of where the service line transitions from public to private for you.
  • What if I have a private well and I am not purchasing water from a water system?
    We encourage you to review the information anyway, even though you are not included in the project, the information on the website and the customer survey are open to the public and available to you for educational purposes. If you feel you have a lead service pipe, we encourage you to contact your local plumber.
  • If my home or building was constructed after 1987, do I need to fill out the survey?
    Yes. While all homes and buildings with service lines newer than 1987 are lead-free per the Safe Drinking Water Act Lead Ban in 1987, you still need to be included in the survey. Your water system may have already taken care of this for you by providing your address and verification of non-lead based on publicly available records such as building permits and tap records.
  • If my neighbor, friend or relative is asking questions about the Water Service Line Survey, will they also need to fill out this survey?
    Water systems across the state of South Dakota are part of a statewide initiative.
  • What initiatives are in place to increase public education and awareness?
    The State of South Dakota has developed information about the lead service line inventory and lead pipes. You can find more under the "Health Info" tab on this website.
  • Is the Water Service Line Survey available in paper (non-electronic form)?
    Yes, you can obtain a paper copy of the survey from your water provider.
  • How much notice will I have before you begin work?
    The Lead Service Line Inventory will be complete by October 16, 2024. Some water systems will be replacing known lead service lines before this date, and some will be replacing them at some point in the future. If you believe you have a lead service line, you can contact your water system directly for their plan.
  • How do I know if I have a lead service line at my location?
    Take our Water Service Line Survey found at It will have easy-to-follow instructions to identify the type of material your service line is made of. You will be able to report your finding and follow the steps to provide for the inventory.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my water?
    Contact your water provider.
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